Molex, LLC is a leading one-source supplier of interconnect products. Molex’s team of highly skilled experts is focused on the design, development and distribution of innovative product solutions that touch virtually every walk of life. Molex's portfolio is among the world's most extensive, with over 100,000 reliable products, including everything from electronic, electrical and fiber optic interconnects to switches and application tooling.

Molex leverages extensive worldwide resources to meet customer needs on a local, regional and global level. Molex offers well-established sales, product development, manufacturing and logistics resources in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Molex engineering, development and manufacturing capabilities are organized into three product divisions, all serviced by the Molex Global Sales and Marketing Division.

Waldom Electronics is an authorized master distributor for Molex, LLC. Waldom sells exclusively to distributors; Waldom never sells to OEMs or to end-users.

KK Series Connector Products

Molex Mini-Reel Products

Pico-Lock™ SMT Wire-to-Board System
- 1.00 and 1.50mm Pitch

Mega-Fit® Power Connectors 5.70mm Pitch

Micro-Lock™ 1.25mm Pitch SMT Wire-to-Board System, Single and Dual Rows, Positive Lock

SolderRight™ Direct-Solder Terminals

CLIK-Mate™ 1.50mm Pitch Single
and Dual Row Wire-to-Board Connector System, With Positive Lock

FPC Connector, 0.30mm Pitch, Dual Contact,
SMT,1.00mm Height, 2.75mm Width,
Non-ZIF Type
Product Video

Woodhead® Super-Safeway™ Portable
and Permanent-mount GFCI Products

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Waldom’s inventory ranges from the most popular A and B part numbers, to less-frequently stocked C and D items. Waldom offers broken-pack quantities on the vast majority of Molex part numbers at a small mark-up over distributor cost.

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Waldom Electronics supports all Molex New Product Introductions (NPI). Our NPI Launch program allows Molex authorized distributors to purchase new products in less than factory MOQ for immediate shipment, helping Molex and its authorized partners speed delivery of product to end users with minimal risk of excess inventory in the channel. Additionally, Waldom markets Molex new products around the globe to thousands of distributors with access to OEMs in electronics, electrical, industrial and specialized markets.

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The Waldom Core Micro Product (CMP) Mini-Reel Program allows for the purchase of ¼ size mini-reels at the same piece-price as full-size reels for the following Molex product families:

Flat Flexible Cable Core connectors
Flexible Printed Circuitry Core connectors
SlimStack™ Micro Board-to-Board connectors

 Molex Wire-to-Board Product Mini-Reels:

Waldom is proud to offer an expanded selection of Wire-to-Board (WTB) products to the existing Molex CMP  Program. Products now available in ¼ reel sizes include the following Molex product familes:
CLICK-Mate™, Duo-Clasp™, PicoBlade™ Pico-Clasp™, Pico-EZmate™ and Pico-SPOX™

Molex products may have high minimum order quantities (MOQ), but Waldom is offering these items in ¼ size reels and resale quantities down to one-piece. This program allows distributors’ to stock more items with less acquisition cost. There are over 700 part numbers in the Waldom Mini-Reel Program and new products are all in-stock and available for immediate shipment.

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Suppliers count on Waldom for a complete turn-key solution in the design, assembly, marketing and sale of engineering kits. Waldom and Molex have partnered to bring to market 200 unique engineering kits. Kit types include: design, solution, application and industry.

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Molex Industrial Products are designed for the harshest environmental conditions to provide safe and reliable connections and protection from contamination, moisture or vibration.

Molex Industrial Brands include: Brad®, Woodhead® and Aero-Motive® representing a broad range of: Power, Signal, Wire-to-Device, Sealed and Connectivity products.

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