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The Solution 

At Waldom we are focused on providing a flexible return process for your excess inventory. All products that you have purchased from the Manufacturer can be returned directly to Waldom. Once the product is received and checked, we will work together to recover its value through one of these options:

50/50: Send your excess to Waldom and we will sell it onto our global sales channel and share the revenue proceeds with you 50/50.

3 to 1: Receive a credit note for the full value of your excess. The only condition is that you spend 3x the value of the credit on Waldom stocked parts. 


The Benefits

Take advantage of our Green Stock Program and reap the following benefits:

Reduce Costs

Cut back on expensive overhead costs incurred from storing excess inventory

Recover Value

Recover potentially millions of dollars from excess that would have been scrapped

Be Sustainable

Product finds a new home, instead of going into the landfill

Get Started

Turn your excess into pure profit today

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