Option 1: Standard Reel

Standard Reels are offered at only a 3% premium above the factory minimum order quantity (“MOQ”) cost of multiple reels. The Standard Reel option reduces distributors’ acquisition and carrying cost while maintaining gross margins and preserving valuable shelf space.

Option 2: Mini-Reel

Mini-Reels are quarter-size (¼) reels that are up to 25% the size of a standard Molex reel. Mini-Reels are offered at a 10% premium above the factory MOQ cost. Mini-Reels are ideal for new product expansions were the risk of excess inventory is greater. Mini-Reel part numbers have a -TRXXX added to the end of a Molex part number.

Mini-Reels are carried on high quality, industry standard surface mount device type reels, complete with leaders and trailers. The Mini-Reel Program allows distributors to purchase in small quantities across hundreds of Micro Solutions products. The Program has over 200 part numbers from 19 different product families. Additional part numbers will be added and distributors are encouraged to provide recommendations.

Waldom Mini-Reel Program Details

Contact your Inside Sales Rep. for a copy of our catalog including our Authorized Distrubutor Cost Book.

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