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The Solution 

Whether you are dealing with stock rotations, scrap allowance returns, or your own factory excess, the associated carrying costs can be a significant expense, and disposing of the stock can result in millions of dollars of lost revenue every year.

Instead of scrapping this excess stock, let Waldom turn it into pure profit. We will pick up your excess and sell it on to our customer base of 2500+ global Distributors. We will take care of the handling, warehousing and logistics side of things at zero cost to you, and we will provide you with a revenue split on sold products.


The Benefits

Take advantage of our Green Stock Program and reap the following benefits:

Reduce Costs

Cut back on expensive overhead costs incurred from storing excess inventory

Recover Value

Recover potentially millions of dollars from excess that would have been scrapped

Be Sustainable

Product finds a new home, instead of going into the landfill


Don't take our word for it. Look what our partners have to say:

Fred Bell

Vice President, Molex

Waldom’s Green Stock Program delivers creative solutions, benefiting not only the Molex relationship but all of our distributor partners as well.

Jean Rosa

Global Director Channel Sales, Honeywell

Waldom’s Green Stock Program provides the supplier with an additional revenue stream at no cost

Gary Mountford

Vice President, C&K Components

Waldom’s quality processes and standards work well for C&K. We’ve had zero customer complaints or returns in the 8 years we have been engaged with Waldom.

Average recovery rate of excess


Worth of excess sold by Waldom


Revenue shared with manufacturers


Components saved from landfills

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